Drilling & Prospecting Int. Ltd. (DPI) have a complete HSE Policy which is designed to cater for the countries of Eastern Africa while at the same time adhering to British HSE Standards. East Africa has a number of unique characteristics which have been addressed to ensure that additional aspects such as wildlife conflict, operating in seismic areas, as well as operating in very remote areas are also addressed.

DPI’s HSE policy caters for:

  • Drilling Works undertaken in Petroleum Refineries, at Petroleum and Gas Storage Facilities, and other Heavy Industrial Plants
  • Drilling Works undertaken in Ports, Airports and other Restricted Areas
  • Drilling on Public Highways, which caters for Minimum Space Drilling, and Traffic Management as well as Crowd Control
  • Drilling Works undertaken Overwater in busy Shipping Lanes
  • Drilling Works undertaken in Geothermal Areas
  • Drilling Works undertaken in Residential Areas or Offices, ensuring minimum Noise Levels and maximum attention to Environmental Impact
  • Drilling for Remote Infrastructure Projects which require extensive forward planning, back-up Medical Services and Evacuation

DPI’s HSE documentation is structured as follows:

  • Part 1: Standard Job Safety Analysis
  • Part 2: Safety for Drilling Operations
  • Part 3: Behaving Safely
  • Part 4: Project Specific Safety Concerns